Jul 15 - Dec 15

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Second level support for internal and external customers. Assigned to give maintenance and monitor UNIX based servers. I was in constant communication with customers in US.

Some of the technologies I worked with included:

  • HP Service Manager as ticket system tool based on ITIL
  • VMware vSphere hypervisor for servers cloud management
  • MS Office
  • CISCO Jabber
  • Operating Systems: Linux (Redhat and Suse), IBM AIX, HP-UX, Solaris
  • Python3, xlwings, PyQt, PyCharm, QtDesigner and PyInstaller for the desktop app


Python tool for automated server validation

The process of new servers validation was neither standarized nor automated. The spreadsheet report tended to change in a short period of time. The whole process could take hours per server, and we are talking about a company whose clients required hundreds of virtual servers to work.

Along with my teammate, we wrote a Python tool to automate validation of recently configured servers. First, a small script written in bash was remotely ran on servers via SSH to get a text file with output data. Then a desktop app (ui powered by PyQt) took those files and mapped them to an excel file (with xlwings) using a specified template. Xlsx files were filled using the template as base, mapping values through named cells. This way the arrange of values, styling, etc. could be easily changed in future.

I wrote documentation for this app in department's internal wiki.

    The process improved in speed substantially: it went from a couple of hours to just minutes